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CBD pills are convenient form of cannabinoid intake. Our capsules contain numerous other beneficial natural ingedients and herb extracts. Differing on composition they can bring relaxation, stimulation or provide nutrition and support general well-being.

CBD pills are perfect for systematic use of small, supportive amounts of CBD. Such a method of intake help regaining homeostasis and improve regulation of our nervous system. CBD intake regulates sleep, has anti-tumeric, anti-inflammatory and neuroregenerative properties.

Such a dietary supplements are wonderful and natural alternative for use of products that aim to increase our well-being and contain artificially derived compounds. BioHemp CBD capsules contain wide gande of terpenes and flavonoids that support our organisms in everyday life. Full cannabinoid spectrum pills ensure synergetic, complexive and beneficial effects.

BioHemp offers only products made of highest-quality organic and ecological hemp.